Hi there! I am working on looking at the needs of people with autistic children and I would love your input! Will you share your ideas? Just click below to answer 10 short questions. It only takes two minutes! THANK YOU!
What are your priorities and goals for your child's recovery?

How severe is your child's autism? which elements do you/they struggle most with? [Ie, sleep, expressive language, aggression, anger, social connection, non-verbal, infections and co-infections, etc]

How important to you is 'natural' side-effects free treatment?

How strongly do you believe 'natural' treatments like homeopathy can help with autism?

Have you consulted one or more of the following health care providers re autism?

Does your child need to detox metals?

What metals detoxes have you tried? *

May your child benefit from detox therapy for other toxicities like vaccines, viruses or other medicines or toxins? *

Have you had success with any particular therapy? If you are happy to describe, please do ...

Have you had any concerns about or problems with any particular therapy? If you are happy to describe, please do ...

If you could access 5* treatment for your child's autism, what would you expect from me as a practitioner?: *

How would you rate the usefulness of the questions in this survey for expressing your needs around your child's autism? *

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